STEVEN LANDIS ....  ventriloquisim and comedy fun!!      

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Who We Are

Welcome to the wacky and monsterous world of ventriloquist  Steven Landis.  Steven has been working with ventriloquism ever since the third grade.  Steven started to perform and do shows while in college.  After college he  continued on working with his craft and working on and perfecting different extreme ventriloquist stunts like the duct tape over mouth.

Steven has performed for...

Talent show cases in Branson, Mo

The Oklahoma state fair

the Garfield county fair

Television show.. Tennessee hayride jamboree, Nahville. TN

Television show.. The Mysterious lab of DR. Fear.... local cable show, Enid. OK

The Enid. Opry

The Comedy corner, comedy club. Oklahoma city

Commercial for local car dealer

Parties, promotions, non profit , fund raisers

Won best comedy act.. Star finders...

Why Us?

My shows are a one of a kind very unique show.  It is unlike any other ventriloquism show you have ever seen.